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The MAC Address of the main Control4 Controller that hosts the project

TheDriversLab's Control4 Google Calendar Driver provides access to any Google calendar. Using the Driver, one can program event notifications as well as get a list of all events and filtered upcoming events. The Driver is very lean and takes advantage of Google’s API to outsource the majority of the processing power, yielding better and faster results. One license is required per project and allows for multiple instances for multiple calendars.
Some of the highlighted features of the Driver are:
- Fire an event whenever an event reminder is set.
- Automatically retrieves a list of all available calendars.
- Stores the number of upcoming events for today, the following day, and the upcoming week in variables.
- Supports all timezones.
- Has a Command to retrieve the time and description of any upcoming event.
- Has a Command to retrieve the total number of events for an upcoming date.
- Automatically retrieves new and modified events.
- Supports multiple instances per-project for handling of multiple calendars.
- Uses OAuth2 on Google's latest V3 for added security.
- Communicates only over HTTPS for added privacy.
- And many more...

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Click here to download TheDriversLab Google Calendar Driver installation manual.