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HouseLogix - Control4 Wallpaper Manager


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The MAC Address of the main Control4 Controller that hosts the project

This simple new application allows you to easily add and remove backgrounds from the Control4 automation system.
Download the Control4 Wallpaper Manager

Note: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher is required
Once populated on the controller, these images are available for use as wallpaper on the popular 7 inch and 5 inch touch screens, TV interface, and MyHome software for the PC and Mac. Select your favorite gif, jpg, or png image and choose from 3 standard formatting options. There are 3 options for the formatting of the picture:
• Stretch: Choose this when you want to fit all of the photo on the screen, regardless of perspective. Objects like people or animals may look distorted as they are stretched or shrunk to meet the touch panel or TVs height and width.
• Fill: This shrinks or enlarges your photo to fit your touch panel or TVs width. That keeps everything in perspective, but chops off the top and bottom of large images and often stretches smaller images.
Fit: This option shrinks or enlarges your photo to fit your touch panel or TVs height. Everything stays in perspective, but it cuts off the sides of large images, and puts borders along the left and right sides of small images.