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HouseLogix - LumenCache SwitchPuck Control4 Driver


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The MAC Address of the main Control4 Controller that hosts the project

The LumenCache Control4 driver allows you to integrate this new LED low voltage lighting system into your project and control it like you would any Control4 or Lutron light. Using this driver you have the ability to:
• Turn lights on, off and toggle
• Set the light level to an exact percentage value
• Ramp to specific level over a specified timeframe
• Full feedback of the current light level
• Acts just like the Control4 Outlet Dimmer
• Driver Installation Notes:
For every light you wish to control via this driver, you must add a Control4 Outlet Light (found under Device Type "-others-", Manufacturer "Control4"). Then, under the Connections tab, bind each light to the corresponding Light number on the LumenCache SwitchPuck driver.