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The MAC Address of the main Control4 Controller that hosts the project

TheDriversLab's Control4 driver for the Steamist TSC-450 controller with mySteamist Driver provides access to monitor and control multiple Steamist devices, as well as other great customizable features.

Few of the highlighted features of the Driver are:
- Start and stop steam functions.
- Receive events upon beginning and ending of steam cycles.
- Link with a Free 4store App to control the steam from any Control4 touch-screen.
- Two-way communication to receive feedback from the steam controller.
- And many more...

Only one license is required per project. If you have multiple Steamist devices in your home that are connected to a single controller, you will only need one license.

Contact Us for Special Pricing for demo/showroom units licensing.

Click here to learn more about the Steamist line of products.

Click here to download TheDriversLab Steamist Driver installation manual.

Click here to view the 4store app for the Steamist Driver

*Only compatible with Steamist TSC-450 controller with the mySteamist application.